Md Ashraf Siddique


Md  Ashraf Siddique, a renowned steel manufacturing professional, has a long track record in the applied business management at home and abroad. He is acclaimed in the business community as the very successful visionary entrepreneur who is apart from others in ideas and innovations.

He is well appreciated for strategic financial projection of long term business policies and applied financial planning. He has over two decades of experience in the steel industry spanning the entire range of flat and long steel products.

He is also the Managing director of Al Aksa Steel Mills Ltd & director of one of the leading real estate company Comprehensive Holdings Ltd, Comprehensive Holdings & Development Ltd, Comprehensive Limited (1st class bricks manufacturers), proprietor of Metro Trading (leading Motor parts importer, retails & wholesaler)

Md Shanower Ali Sikder

Managing Director

Md Shanower Ali Sikder, a business Graduate in management, is very familiar face in the steel sector in Bangladesh. His practical project policies and development planning are well acclaimed in the steel industry, responsible for overall operations of Montaha Steel including Strategy formulations related to business development, expansion of existing businesses, acquisitions and Cost management. He has been actively involved in all strategic decision making within the company and has over the years grown with montaha Steel progressively shouldering higher responsibilities. He is also A Chairman of Al Aksa Steel Mills ltd & proprietor of Araf Traders (prominent Motor parts importer, retails & wholesaler)

Md Saleh Ahammad


Mr. Md Saleh Ahammad is a business graduates, Over the years, he has acquired wide-ranging experience of the steel business. His extensive experience includes start-up operations, development and execution of strategies for leveraging new markets and customers, creation of strong brand equity for the company in the domestic markets.

He leads Toushi Motors as its Proprietor. He is also the Importer, foreign agent, Retail & Wholesaler of Motors part of Bangladesh Over the past two decades.