Earthquakes are devastating no matter in which region it occurs. The question is how much equipped these regions are to combat such destructive threats. Experts and earthquake scientists have observed that it is not the tremor that kills people, but they are the buildings that kill people. Buildings collapse as they are unable to withstand the potential danger. Poorly designed constructions are subject to most disasters.

So, what is the need of the hour? It is the earthquake-resistant building materials and architecture. With urbanization, multi-storeyed buildings are constructed everywhere. Just as people spend on fancy interior designing and sanitary wares, similarly, they should also sensibly spend on construction materials and foundation of a building. This is where TMT steel bars surpass the quality of normal steel rods and prove to be disaster-resistant.

Growing Need of TMT Bars

If people want to make disaster-resistant architectures that can stand natural calamities, then TMT steel bars are a must. These reinforcement bars bind concrete structure firmly and support the maximum load. It is, therefore, necessary that the steel used in the construction project is of supreme quality. In this regard, TMT bars fulfill every requirement and are manufactured with an advanced Tempcore process. These Thermo Mechanically Treated reinforcement bars have now become an integral part of any construction.

TMT rebars provide ductility, form and strength to a concrete structure and give it the ability to withstand varied types of loads. Corrosion resistance, durability and superior weldability make these bars perfect for use in seismic prone areas. These reinforcement bars have enabled to build high rise buildings even in earthquake-prone areas. They have high-class earthquake-resistant quality.

Difference in Steel Bar Manufacturing

The demand of steel is quite high in India but, most people are not aware of quality parameters and the difference in rebars produced by primary and secondary producers. Primary steel manufacturer uses virgin iron ore and refined technology and produces superior quality TMT steel bars. Secondary steel manufacturers, on the other, uses steel scraps and convert them to TMT rebars.